What is difference between SQL and MySQL

You are wanted to make a career as a business analyst, data Analyst, database administrator, and data engineer? Yes, then it is most for you to have a good understanding of what is SQL, and MySQL is used for.

We saw that lot of students start to learn about SQL and databases without knowing fundamental concepts and when they get into the interview they got rejected..

Therefore, it is very important that you have a solid command of not just on SQL and MySQL but also the basic difference between the two as well. In this article, we are filing the purpose of providing you the clear difference between SQL and MySQL.

What is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. Used to Manage and manipulate Relational databases. This language provides various commands that we used to perform a wide range of database operations, including insertion, updation, retrieving, and deleting the data in databases.

SQL is widely recognized as the Standard Language for Relational databases. 

In SQL you will find various commands to perform operations on the table. Such commands are used to create tables, insert tables, delete tables, and get information whatever we want. Some of the most frequently used commands are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and ALTER.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is used for data storage and retrieval. MySQL, now MySQL managed by Oracle Corporation.

MySQL uses SQL Language to perform operations on the database. MySQL is widely used in web applications due to its high performance, stability, and easy usability.

It supports many programming languages including PHP, C++, Java, C, Python, etc.

As we know it is open source language that’s why it is an attractive option for organizations as a low-cost solution for their web applications.

Difference between SQL and MySQL


Now, we come to the main part of this article. Lots of students are confused about what difference between SQL and MySQL. Let’s see

  • SQL is Language.
  • SQL is Structured Query Language used to manage and manipulate Relational databases.
  • SQL language has syntaxes and clauses to manipulate databases.
  • SQL is not an open-source software therefore it is not freely available.
  • SQL is highly secure.
  • SQL is used for a wide range of database Operations like insertion, updation, retrieval, and deletion.
  • It is available in many different languages.


  • MySQL is Software.
  • MySQL is Software that uses SQL language to query data from a dataframe.
  • MySQL does not have any commands or syntax.
  • MySQL is open-source software therefore it is freely available.
  • MySQL is less secure.
  • MySQL is primarily used for data storage and retrieval.
  • It is available only in the English language.


Before reading this article we know that both SQL and MySQL are used for data. But don’t know the clear difference between them. But now, you we understand and show you the clear difference between them. SQL is used to Manage and manipulate RDBMS. This language performs queries on relational databases.
MySQL is RDBMS Software used for data storage and retrieval. It is open-source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MySQL the same as SQL server?
 No, MySQL and SQL both are different. MySQL is relational database management system software. Where SQL is a standard language used to perform operations on RDBMS.

Can I learn SQL in 3 hours?

 Not, I think it will take you more time to learn this language. In 3 hours you can learn the basics.

Is SQL coding difficult?
 Not, SQL is a very easy language. The syntax is also very user-friendly.

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