Neo4J MCQ Questions and Answers

Neo4J is a popular Graph Database that is open-source and developed using Java Programming language. It is NoSQL highly scalable Database.

In This Post, we have come up with Neo4J MCQs. I will be beneficial for to test your knowledge of Neo4j and prepare better.

1. What type of database is Neo4j?

a. Document-based database

b. Key-value stores

c. Column-oriented database

d. Graph-based database

2. Is Neo4j SQL or NoSQL?

a. SQL

b. NoSQL

c. Both

d. None of the above

3. What query language does Neo4j use?

a. Gremlin

b. SQL

c. CQL

d. AQL

4. Which programming language was used to build Neo4j database?

a. C++

b. Java

c. Javascript

d. Python

5. It Represents the records/data.

a. Nodes

b. Relationships

c. Properties

d. Label

6. It Represent the connection between nodes.

a. Node

b. Properties

c. Relationship

d. Label

7. ——— Clause is used for reading data.




d. SelectAll

8. Neo4j released in———-

a. 2007

b. 2008

C. 2009

d. 2010

9. Who is the founder of Neo4j?

a. Eliot Horowitz

b. Dwight Merriman

c. Kevin P. Ryan

d. Emil Eifrem

10. Table are represent as ——- in Neo4j.

a. Graph

b. Node

c. Relationship

d. Traversal

11. Join are represent as ——– in Neo4j.

a. Constraints

b. Nodes

c. Relationships

d. Traversal

12. CQL Stands for?

a. Create query language

b. Clause query language

c. Cyber query language

d. Cyfer query language

13. Which one is not a Neo4j CQL command.

a. Create

b. Match

c. Delete

d. Exit

14. Neo4j provides a build-in Neo4j ——— web application.

a. Limited

b. Browser

c. a & b

d. None of the above


15. ——— is used to define what to have in the query result set.

a. Return

b. Limit

c. Where


Answers :  1. d   2. b   3. c  4. b   5. a   6. c

7. c    8. a   9. d   10. a   11. d  12. d  13. d

14. b  15. a

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